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Each of the Peter Rabbit 50p coins, from 2016 to 2020, features a different depiction of the character on one side, and her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth on the other.

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2016 Peter Rabbit Coin

The original coin features a head-and-shoulders portrait of Peter Rabbit, holding onto the lapels of his famous blue jacket, with the words “Peter Rabbit”. The Silver Proof version, designed by Royal Mint coin designer Emma Noble, has the same image in full colour, in a watercolour style similar to the original book’s illustrations. The Gold Proof version features no colour and is plain gold.

2017 Peter Rabbit Coin

The 2017 coin shows the famous rabbit from the side as he trots off, paw in the air and whiskers askew, with the words “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”. Like the previous version, the Silver Proof coin’s image is depicted in watercolour-like shades, with the Gold Proof coin being plain.

2018 Peter Rabbit Coin
This version depicts Peter Rabbit chomping on carrots and radishes in Mr McGregor’s garden, with the words “Peter Rabbit”. The Silver Proof coin is once again finished in watercolour shades, with an extra splash of colour thanks to the vegetables. The Gold Proof coin remains plain.

2019 Peter Rabbit Coin
The 2019 coin features a Beatrix Potter original drawing of a contemplative Peter Rabbit, complete with his blue coat, and the words “Peter Rabbit”. Like previous versions, the Silver Proof coin is in full colour, while the Gold Proof is plain.

2020 Peter Rabbit Coin
The last of the Peter Rabbits coins shows Peter ducking under the fence of Mr McGregor’s garden, looking mischievous, with the words “Peter Rabbit”. It’s yet another original illustration from the author and is depicted in watercolour on the SIlver Proof coin and plain gold on the Gold Proof coin.